“Love will never betray dismay or enslave you.”

-Mumford and Sons


     What are the chances that someone will find their “soul mate”? The odds are really, really high. So what exactly is a soul mate?


“A soul’s ideal counterpart, which must be found for true happiness and fulfillment. The search for the counterpart may consume multiple reincarnations.”



     How lucky am I that I found mine? February 21, 2011 he found me. Instantly we clicked, as if we had know one another for a long, long time. Something like love at first sight. The more and more we learn about one another, the more we realize we have in common. To be honest, I’m nervous because I’ve let my guard almost completely down, and leaving myself extremely vulnerable. It would have taken most people months to get me to disarm my guard like he has. There is one word to describe him: “Perfect”.


     My mind is constantly on him, and we’re already making plans to be out on our on and such. To be completely completely honest, I’m scared. I’ve never been on my own before, and even with him supposed to be there or whatever, it’s still scary. He could change his mind at the last minute…Also, I’ll have to establish something before he arrives, and then I’ll be alone. The sad thing is, the cost of living in North Carolina is so high, that I don’t know if I can afford something amazing…and that worries me because it seems like he’s used to having a lot…and I’ve never had a lot. I’ve obtained all my necessities living with my parents, a home, food, clothes, and some wants.  There is just so much to do…we’ll need furniture, pots and pans, ugh so much to think about…and I’m scared…


     On another note, I had a long reflection when he went to sleep earlier. I was telling him about bittersweet memories, and later I realized, they’re not bittersweet memories, they were training me to love him properly and the way he should be loved. I know it’s early, but still…no time like the present. I just hope he can offer assistance with this process…I know I’m very independent, however I’ve never experience being away from my parents for long periods of time…and this time it’s going to be permanent…


This video fits perfectly with all my mixed emotions. I love how music can always explain feelings perfectly.