“This time won’t you save me? This time won’t you save me? Baby I can feel myself giving up…giving up…”

     So today was the worst day I believe that I’ve ever had…ever. I never thought that my own mother would ever try to kill herself…I mean, as much crap as she has taken from my dad, the thought has been entertained if she’s ever considered it, but tonight she actually attempted. She drank so much alcohol, that she was having seizures. I’ve never seen her so down and out. This…really has hurt me. It’s even making me question my will to live. I cannot continue to live this way with my parents. I just wish I had enough money to buy my mother a nice house, and allow her to be happy. However, in reality, I know that I cannot. I have no job…no significant other…no money…no life…all I do is sit here at home, with nothing do but watch over my grandmother.